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Today Stress and burn-out is a major topic worldwide.  Being someone who has gone through major burn-out despite knowing all the ways to have prevented a burn-out, I slipped into it, not leaving a very stressful Airline job on time and by allowing the stress and not changing my thoughts fast enough and often enough, which is also really important as well as taking enough time to really rejuvenate. 

I was trained in the field of Stress Management, but somehow it overtook me pretty fast.  I was a Marathon runner and even won once.  I was extremely active and moved 26 times in my life.  I had a very active life until one day it seemed like I couldn't do what I once did, which really hit me hard.  I thought this isn't me, this isn't who I am nor what I am about. 

Most people don't realize they can slip right into it,even they don't take measures of precaution before exhaustion.

It is important to take time to make time and release and let go of emotional turmoil and any kind of stress.

Young people think this will never happen to me, as long as you believe that you will always be healthy  you will be healthy, keep that flow of great positive energy with breaks, relaxing and meditating, it may not happen to you, but if you feel at any time in your life overwhelmed or emotionally upset, find time for yourself before the Emotional Turmoil turns into Burn-out or any other physical or mental ailment. 

Remember the nerve cells that fire together wire together, so be sure of what your thinking. 

There are many methods for releasing tension and relaxing your thoughts.

Find what works best for you.  I train a variety of techniques all across the board to reduce stress and release emotional turmoil.  Please see further Motivational Coaching to assist you in being upbeat and feeling good at all times.

Thanks for taking the time to take care of yourself.

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