Animals are my best friends and it has always been my love, heart and desire to be here for them and train others about them, because they are always here for us, were and still are always are here for me, so I wanted to be here for them.  At least they have always been here for me like no other person.  There is noone I can compare them to, that is often the way I really feel.  My apologies if I offended anyone, but they are my best friends, always loveable, compassionate at all times and have always been here to soothe my heart in so many ways that I can't even express in words.  My heart is so touched by them.

Too many times Animals have been abused and eaten.  I am not here to make you refrain from eating Animals, but I do believe that if you understood them, you would never eat them.   Not only that, as the Bible is a new Home for me, in the original way our World was set up, animals did not fight.   Animals did not eat other animals and People were also meant to be vegetarian and so were the animals.  This maybe new and hard for you to believe, but not for me, I can really imagine this being true.  It rings true to and for me, so I really believe the bible.

You may think I am crazy and I am fine with that, I have been on a journey all my life that has always been I am going to call it "UNIQUE" and I am proud of staying on this path.  I will not change nor rearrange it for anyone, but I do have total compassion for everyone!

Forgive me now if this is not your way.

What makes all this so important to me personally, is that the Animal Kingdom does mean everything to me.  Their livlihood means everything to me and will enhance your life in every way as well, once you understand them.

I found this video the other day and this really made me think.  I really wanted to share it with everyone, because it is about Determination, but not just to release an Animal from under the Rocks, but this is what LOVE does.  You continue on a Path when you have such Deep Love, although even though you may think that goal is BIG, you can succeed!

I have always wanted to be here for the Animals, be their voice and here I am.  Obstacles cannot Exist if you LOVE something bad enough, that it feels like your heart can't stay within your body, that's how much the animals mean to me.  They just really soothe me whenever I feel this inner pain and I think it is so hard for many people to comprehend that they are the only ones you really counted on and lived with everyday.  They are the ones to soothe a broken heart.  They are always here at least for me no matter what and therefore I am the voice for them.

I have an amazing connection with animals and I really think its because I love them so much and so that just makes me very  close to them.

So if you love Animals as much as I do, take a look at what Determination can do in every area of your life, not just with Animals.

For me personally, my goal is being accomplished right here and right now to be their voice to guide more people on understanding them better today totally and fully!   I love it!!

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