What is Animal Telepathy?

What Makes Animal Telepathy so Special!I am sure you are asking yourself, “Do animals communicate?” and, “Do animals communicate with humans?” and, “If so how?”


Animals communicate with us all the time!  The ways animals communicate lies in their ability to send us their thoughts and feelings through telepathy, which happens to be an innate ability of humans, too.  But because we think about things too much, spending most of our time in the mental realm, we often do not listen to our inner realm, and therefore, do not access our own telepathy as much as we could.

Animals speak to us in images or pictures.  I, personally, see the pictures and hear the sounds of their voices.  I also feel their energy... and so can you.  Animals just love to speak.

How would you get started?  What I do is ask for their names and then I just feel into what they are trying to tell me and I just allow them to talk.

One thing I do not do:  I do not doubt what they tell me. You must trust in what you are hearing, seeing and feeling.  If you doubt, you'll have no way to know that what you pick up on is the truth.  Become very quiet and listen so that you can truly hear them communicating with you.

Communication with animals is a very unique experience specific to each individual animal you converse with.  Each animal has their own personality and their own story to share. 

Each animal in one’s household tells a different story.  Each of your pets has its own assigned purpose in your life and for its own life naturally.  Having a pet really is somewhat like having children.  I know you have noticed that your individual children act differently, having their own way of relating to your life and sharing a different “story” with the world and with their world.  It is the same with the animals.

Here's what I have learned and experienced over and over again.  Animal communication is not just the forte of an Animal Communicator, like me,  who has trained for so long to trust what I am hearing, seeing and feeling, it is for everyone, because talking with animals is really a matter of getting in tune with your innermost world. 

It is important to learn all you can about yourself and look at patterns that you have.  The  more you work on yourself and clear out blockages, the easier you will be able to be in tune with your own intuition.  Once you learn to trust your own intuition, then you can start to communicate with animals.  That's because now you are trusting your own inner voice. 

Everyone is intuitive and every one can communicate with animals.  Just believe you can and you will.  

If you believe you can communicate with animals, you will be able to, just like anything else.  You just have to believe you can. Just know it is easy and possible and those are really some of the tricks.

I am sure some of you think that only certain animals communicate, but it is not true, every animal communicates all the time just like we do.

Back to what I was saying before, it is important though to become really quiet, relaxed and to really tune out noises and disturbances otherwise you will have a hard time hearing what they are trying to tell you.  

Animals communicate through sending out signals to you as well and it is like a radio station, you either pick up the signal or you don’t and when you are relaxed and are very quiet you can pick up their signal and know they are really telling you something.  

All you do is tune into the right signal, it is just like finding a signal on a radio station.  Once you have the right signal, you will hear and understand what they are trying to convey to you.

Visually you can see what they are sending you as you will see pictures in your mind.

It is very normal for animals to communicate with us. They aren’t any different from us, but we think they are and because one has always thought they communicate differently, well that has created a barrior of communication between Humans and Animals, but that is why I am here to show you that you can Communicate with them as much as you choose to!!


I hope you received some insight here into a little bit of animal communication and about yourselves and if you are ready to hear what your animals are saying,  please proceed further.

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