How I can help you as an Animal Communicator?


I am here for you!   I support you.   I will help you resolve your pet concerns immediately so that you know exactly why your pet is acting out a certain way or if your pet suddenly took ill.  I will help you understand your pets perspective and feelings    I will relay the messages to you so that you can clear up and dissolve any patterns that resulted in your pets' illness.  The only thing I ask you to do is to be committed to the results you desire.   You play a huge role in your pets life.

As an Animal Communicator, I will help you by giving you Support your pet’s perspective and feelings why your pet is acting a certain way, why your pet's behavior has changed or anything your pet needs to relay to you or why your pet suddenly took ill, gone astray or even has gone to the Rainbow Bridge! 

It is actually really important for you at any time to receive your pet's perspective on things and here is why:

My experience has shown that if you do not know what you are emanating into your own environment you may suddenly see a change in your pet's behavior out of the blue and you wonder why, or why they got ill.  Most likely there is something that has been out of balanced or stressful in your environment or simply your pet is not receiving the attention your pet needs. 

Often if a pet has come from a shelter or given away or up, your pet may be facing a trauma or abandonment issues and these get carried out in different ways or sometimes one pet feels a deep loss of losing their best friend and is mourning over that pet.  These situations can be resolved.   Depending on your commitment, we can resolve these situations.

Sometimes your pets are just like children and feel lonely, disowned and take on patterns suddenly of getting sick because your pet was ignored and your pets will tell me things like their favorite spots, places to go, things they do or don’t like to eat, whether they like to bathe or not. 

Each situation is unique to each individual situation, but with your commitment we can resolve your pets concerns.

Please note that our pets are a direct reflection of our own inner world and they will act out accordingly even if you just got your pet from somewhere else, your pet will do so and your pet is with you to teach you different things about yourself.



A consultation depends on primarily on how much time you choose.

I will always do a preliminary session before we meet up so that I know what your pet needs to reveal to you.

There are 3 packages!


The first resolution is a 3 hour  session which consists of:

1 hour preliminary session where I speak with your pet

2nd hour I meet up with you live on skype and relay the information your pet told me.

3rd  hour I will actually be carrying out practical tools with you to resolve the issues and give you practical coaching and transformational healing techniques and tools to carry-out.


2nd resolution is a 2 hour session which consists of:

1 hour preliminary session where I speak to your pet

2nd hour I meet up with you live on skype and relay the information your pet told me.

In order to totally resolve the situation please see the 3 hour package deal


3rd resolution  is a 1 hour session

30 minute preliminary session with your pet

30 minutes with you live on skype to relay the message to you.


Please remember the best results and resolutions to solve your issue are in the first resolution package deal.


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