I offer a 15 minute FREE Meet-up to discuss your situation about what is needed for your pet as each session is Tailor-made.

Each pet is very unique and therefore each session is designed to specifically fit your situation, therefore on our FREE session we will discuss what will help your pet the most. 

Please note that an hour and 15 minute Session is $ 150.00 and that includes our Meet up!

We will discuss on your first session what is needed to help you with your pet and how I can help you!

Most sessions run for 2.5 to 3 hours to resolve a major issue that you are confronted with.  I have special rates for such packages, which is why we need to have our initial meet-up to discuss what is needed.

Transformational Healings  for 30 minutes is $ 75.00

All appointment times are quoted in Eastern Standard time.

Here is some more information!

Skepticism is healthy, but in order to get the most out of your consultation, it is important that you remain open minded during the actual consultation with your animal friends.  All consultations are conducted with compassion and respect for both you and your animal friends.  

Payment is due at time of booking 

Helpful hints for preparing for your Reading & Consultation:

It helps if you prepare a list of questions ahead of time that you would like to ask your animal.  Some examples of frequently asked questions are:

* How does my animal's body feel, does anything hurt?

* What are his/her likes and dislikes?

* If there anything that you need/want?

* How does my life purpose affect you?

* What do you enjoy doing most?

* Do you have a message or advice for me?

* Do you like your (kennel, barn, training classes, instructor, sitter, walker, groomer, etc.)?

* Do you have any advice for me in the way that I train or work with you, etc.?

* Are you ready to pass on?

* Does you want a companion?


What not to expect from a consultation:

I am not a veterinarian, and cannot diagnose illness.  What I can do is describe to you the symptoms your animal friend feels/sends to me, which can be used to assist your veterinarian or chiropractor.  

Good veterinary care is always recommended. 



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