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1).  If you are like me, you just want answers, quick and easy solutions.

when:  Now!! 

So let’s get started. 


 You just resolved your 1st intent and solution by “getting started” and I am not being funny at all, a matter of fact I am extremely serious when it comes to my “best friends” lives and let me just tell you one thing that really personally upsets me as an Animal Communicator, is that many of my best friends are consistently”



Yelled at, because their owners don’t know what they want and need nor what they are saying.

Put to sleep because the owners believe they are doing their best and don’t want to make their pets suffer, because most people don’t believe nor know any solutions to their pet problems.

It is sad, it really is, I have to admit that most animals are just misunderstood and not heard.  Most people do not know that animals communicate all the time and try to explain to their owners, I am biting the couch because I need you to understand and listen to me.  I am peeing on the carpet because you left me alone and didn't even let me know you were going away, I felt abandoned, they say!

What if you knew what you were doing and emanating?   What if you knew that you were the SOLE PERSON that they reflected their behaviors off of?   OOPs, just hit some of you hard.  Let me repeat it, what if you understood that your behavior is what makes them ACT UP?   You may not believe it, but I will prove it to you and guide you on ways to understanding yourselves to SHOW YOU THE DIRECT REFLECTION that they ACT upon and guide you on transformational energetic healings to transform these situations.  It is up to YOU though, noone can live your life nor change your life, but if you would like to understand why your pets do what they do.. then it is time to understand yourself.

Now, I am here and I am going to guide you and show you that there are other paths but it does start with you as I mentioned now, understanding yourself and knowing yourself and that’s how you understand what your pet needs.  I will show you how, if you are ready!

If you are ready to have your pets  and you live longer, healthier in a more calmer, relaxed, harmonious atmosphere where you understand their needs, where you have the possibility of believing in letting them live, them surviving instead of losing your best friend and if you are serious, then proceed onwards.

P.S.  This is all up to you and you have to really do what I say and believe in order to have changes, but let me say this, Wouldn’t you rather have your best friend live than putting your best friend down, as we go along on the next 7 days, you will find out about my miraculous real life true story with my pets and this will amaze you that will and can change your situations as well as quickly as you decide to, plus you will learn about yourself and animal communication!!

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