Day 6

I have so much to say, I know I was a little harsch on all of you, it was deliberate.  I will tell you why,  “I absolutely love the animals over everything” I will place them 1st.  They have been the only ones really here for me to keep me company when my mom and dad died whereby no one else was around.  When I didn’t have a partner living with me, it was my cats that were here for me and my company.  If you want to understand why animals do or don’t do things it is because many people don’t realize that the animals are just like us and are as I said the reflection of our own selves.

They behave, react and act to what we emanate from our own moods and energy.  When we change our attitudes, learn about ourselves our animals’ can change their behavior.  That’s why we have to know ourselves because our animals will act this out and our animals will act differently as you saw “Lydia”, my cat lived, even though the Doctor’s wrote her off as medically dead, there was nothing more I could physically do in the physical realm or form, but it was only then when I changed that she lived.

All that was left for me to do, was to let go and by letting go, changing my attitude and by choosing life, she lived after 3 weeks of not moving.  Now this was many years ago!!  I still have tears in my eyes every time I speak about this miraculous miracle of her being with me today.  Not only that, we, she and I because animals understand, were told Lydia had to go to the vets from July 2010 every week weekly because she has a serious medical problem that will never be resolved or solved they said.  I have never taken her weekly, never ever and she is still alive with me today.  So you see many miracles keep happening if we believe.

I love animals and I really want to show you, your pets can live when you know how to understand them, when you learn more about yourselves and the animals, because knowing about yourself transforms your atmosphere for your pet, that is why you are so vital!!

See you on day 7…

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