Day 5

Here is another situation.

Whilst I was ill, my cat, Miracles, kept acting up.

Here is an exercise for you!!

1).  Take 5 minutes and write as many reasons why Miracles could have been acting up whilst I was ill?

2).  What was her reasoning to bother mommy after all, she must have known mommy was sick, right? 

When you are done continue reading, I know many of you are kind of thinking oh I am doing her homework.  I am guiding you to understand what animals are saying and feeling and why they do things.

Now that you are done and took five minutes, I want to tell you once again that animals are a direct reflection of our inner world.  Are you getting the picture now? 

So do you know why Miracles acted up now? 

I will tell you one of the reasons why she acted up was because of the smell and this you couldn’t have known, that I had placed around the apartment to keep away the bugs, but some other reasons were she was concerned about me, she felt neglected, she didn’t know what to do for me.  It was my job to calm her down and if I don’t do that, guess what she continues acting up and this is what animals and our pets do!! 

If you are reading this, you definitely have or had situations in your own life that your pets do something or did something and you wonder why they did it or why they are doing it right now. 

I want you to think of things your pets do and how do they reflect you?  What in you makes them do this?  What do you think you are emanating? 

Are you stressed about anything.

Do smells bother you?

Are you sensitive to noises?

Do you get angry fast? 

Are you a patient person?

Do you have relaxed pets?

Do any of your pets stay away from you or need to be near you all the time?

Do you feel you need loads of attention?

I would like you to think about all these questions. 

It is important to know ourselves or we will not know why our pets do something or do not do it!

See you on Day 6!


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