Day 4

 We are on the 4th day!!  Remember on day 2, you had to let go and let God or let the universe help you.  It is because, you just didn’t have a choice anymore.  You just had to allow a miracle to happen, because you couldn’t move. 

Often when we let go of controlling, holding on tight, or not knowing what to do, we allow space for transformation and healing to take place.

I am hoping you would let go enough from not knowing how to solve the problem, that God or the universe or what I often say, a  miracle happens.  That’s exactly how “My cat Lydia lived” that was diagnosed Medically dead.

I had to let go.  I had no other choice.  I had to change my attitude, but that was letting go, believing, trusting and within moments she lived after lying on the carpet for 3 weeks and not moving.   She lived by me finally saying ok, I choose life and let go and let God.  I believe and know she is alive and well.  She is living and I am choosing life, but I totally let go which created a space for her to live, as my friend said, I had been just as dead with this whole situation with her.  This happens a lot to all of us, when we hold on tight, nothing can move.

It is like this, if you are pulling the rope or trying to have something, trying very hard, things do not work, because you have not created a space.  You are just trying to hard.  If you say ok I let go and let God, I trust, I have to let go because I do not have a choice, I believe and I see and feel miracles.  I have miracles, suddenly you open up a space that a miracle can occur.  I hope that makes sense.

 Miracles do happen, but only if we believe, let go, allow and know what we desire as well as us having a clear intent and trusting.

Since I had let go and did not ask for help, no one knew.   I did silently think, in my mind, I couldn’t work, I was completely exhausted (shame on me being a Stress Management Trainer), but I didn’t have a choice at that moment, I couldn’t move anymore.  I couldn’t shop and I had no one to ask.  I couldn’t even make it to the Doctor.   I  had to let go with my cat as well.  I had no choice, but to let go, because she was medically dead, the only thing to do was let go.

 I didn’t even realize till afterwards that I was holding on so tight. 

I usually had to do everything or control it and yet I am not a control freak, but I have some techniques I use and one of the questions is “control” or am I holding on.  Funny enough, I often feel I need to control well “take care” of everything or I feel it is not going to get done which often feels like that to me, to be honest especially since I am used to being all by myself and having to do everything here in my home, etc. 

Do you know whilst I was sick, I was offered some money just like that through an email?  Do you know I had 2 people who found me and wanted an Animal Communication Reading, do you know my cat, Lydia lived when I let go.  The reasons why I am telling you about myself is because so you understand that if you are reading this, that what we emanate, what we do and don’t do is what effects our pets.

Our attitudes, our feelings are exactly what is emanated out to our pets and animals and they will act accordingly.  I am revealing to you real live situations from my own life so you can see that this has everything to do with understanding animals as well as being able to communicate with them and how letting go and believing turned my medically dead cat into LIFE and living again.  This is so important to understand this concept of letting go, allowing and trusting and how by letting go, relaxing as well you can read animals as well as create a space that can heal animals.

The best way to show this to you is to give you real live examples.

See you on day “5”

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