Day 3

 Welcome Back!!

Did you take the exercises seriously, yesterday?

I hope so.  You will be tested, you are thinking what, why and how can I test you?

I can test you.  I will find out later on how serious you are about communicating with your pets, understanding your pets and saving your pets lives if medically dead as well as talking with other people’s pets.  Yes, you can talk to animals.   Everyone can.

1).  At one time a situation like this happened to me where I could not move.  Yes, I am using real life stories.  Those are the best to get my points across and to show you how all things are possible in the midst of adversity.

2).  My cats Lydia and Gino were both Strays and they could not ask for food.  It was challenging, let us put it that way.

If an animal cannot tell anyone, they are starving, what should they do or if they don’t have anyone to tell and no one cares for them or are mistreating them, what should they do?  

I am going to teach you, as I told you.

So let us say today, just for today

1).  You are an animal in a stray home or shelter, you were put there from parents who said:

a).  you were misbehaving

b). your parents couldn’t cope with you, they didn’t understand your needs nor were they able to provide for you or your needs and now you are an orphan. 

What do you think they feel?

How would you feel to be an orphan, given away and put into a shelter?

I really want you to feel into this, think about this as well as take it very seriously, because this is part of understanding animals and animal communication.  In other words communicating with animals and feeling into situations is very, very important.   When studying Animal Communication, it is important to feel or you will not hear what the animals are trying to express to you.  This is part of why I need to take you on such an intense journey like this, in order to get my message across so that you can understand that getting in touch with your feelings is the way to hear their messages and in fact it is the way to be able to hear and communicate with them. 

2).  Did you know that animals actually talk.  They also have loads of stories to tell.  Please write what you know or did not know about this. 

This will be answered in day four!!

See you on Day Four!



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