Day Two


Thank you for the Donation!!  Now just relax and really listen to everything I have to tell you and do the exercises.

Let me start off with you!

Have you ever been sick?

You couldn’t even get up to go anywhere’s or go to the Doctor.  You didn’t know what to do?  You needed help to walk?  You couldn’t manage to shop?  You didn’t have anyone to call and you were all on your own?  You didn’t have money nor food?  Well, if not consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

You are saying what does this have to do with Animal Communication.

Remember I told you in the 1st lesson this starts with you!!  You will understand as we go along but we have steps to take.

Think about this situation even if it isn’t you nor your situation:

1).  Write down how this felt to you reading it?  Remember you couldn’t walk and you couldn’t get to the store.  You had absolutely no one to call, so how did it feel reading this?

2).   How would it be if this happened to you?

3).  What would you do, if you didn’t have anyone to help you?

4).  What would you do if you were told your pet was medically dead?  Would you have any blind faith and if so why?  If not why? 

5).  Find as many solutions as you can.

Maybe you can and will get to a stage and say, I “Let go” and “Let God” help me or Let the Universe help you.  Maybe you will just cry and fall back to sleep if you can, because you don’t know what else you can do.  You don’t know what else you should or could do.

Maybe you will manifest the reality you desire or may you will wait for a better day, time and maybe then you can do something or you can shop.   Possibly a miracle will happen? 

Maybe a Miracle can happen when you let go and release, let God or the universe take over.

Have you ever had any Miracles happen?  If so, when, which ones, how many, which type of miracles.

Remember to answer all of my questions here, everyone of them!!  They are important in order to communicate with animals.  Every answer is important believe it or not!!    You will find out later why!  Have patience.

See you on Day Three!

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